About Us

Hey, everyone! We are Bella and Rachel, the founders and owners of The Real Food Bakery, Inc. 

We believe that all food should be real and give us energy with nutrients from the earth. That's why we created The Real Food Bakery with the vision of being unlike any other brand. Our team cares about you, your family, and the united impact we have on the world. We promise that our products will never be compromised. Every ingredient, every label, and every batch made is done with integrity. Quality guaranteed.



Rachel is 1/2 of The RFB team. She is a  mother, wife and a crazy urban farm lady. She has always been known to beat to her own drum, living an authentic life. She is a young entrepreneur with a fierce work ethic. Rachel believes, with conviction, that The RFB is a vision God has given to her and Bella together. She is passionate about her faith and truth. For Rachel, the RFB is more than a business, it’s a way of life... real food, real people, real health. She will never compromise integrity to earn an extra buck, but will always stay true to her beliefs.



Bella is the other 1/2 of The RFB team! She is a soon-to-be mother, wife and nutritionist! She has been pursuing holistic health for over 9 years. Her passion for nutrition stemmed from her brother, Billy, who has autism. As Billy started eating nourishing food, he began to thrive. She started baking treats for him to be able to have the specialty baked goods, but that are paleo and keto friendly for Billy’s lifestyle. Bella’s faith in God gives her life hope and meaning. She has been given a gift to help people experience freedom in their lives and she does not take that lightly. Bella inspires people to fall in love with living a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle!⠀